Brittany Runs A Marathon

Brittany Runs A Marathon ~2019

Rated: PG 13

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Director/ Writer: Paul Downs Colaizzo

Plot by IMDb:
Funny and outgoing Brittany Fowler is everybody’s best friend except her own. Her partying and toxic relationships are catching up with her. She is to broke for a gym and too proud to ask for help but, Brittany has had a lot of fun until her neighbor pushes her to run one sweaty block. Soon, she sets a goal that is unthinkable, running in the New York marathon.

My Review:
I actually thought I was watching Amy Schumer. LOL! Jillian Bell looks very similar. Anyways…… I think ALOT of women, inparticular, can relate to Brittanys (Jillian Bel) struggle with getting in shape and eating healthier. Brittany plays such a believable character on screen. I mean don’t we all have this problem!? At least excersizing for me has and always will be a struggle. The writer/director did their job well, in portraying how, if you want something bad enough, you will get it. While it was mot laugh out loud, it was entertaing for a bit.

Oveall I’mn giving it a 6 ⭐star rating .

Anything is possible if you put your mind, heart and everything you have into it.

Fall Girls Movie Review

Fall Girls Movie Review

Plot by IMDb:
Paige Davis has just gotten promoted to President of Sales at her job. After a night of partying, Paige and her girlfriends hilariously wakes up to a dead boss.

I wanted to take a catnap while watching this. This movie is not that good, in fact it’s horrible. The acting was horrible. Way over acting in the drama department. Girl’s weekend trip gone wrong. It reminds you of the Weekend At Bernies movie. Which was way better in my opinion.
2 ⭐rating from me.
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A Fall From Grace

A Fall From Grace Review

Plot By IMDb:
Disheartened since her ex-husband’s affair, Grace Waters (Crystal Fox) feels restored by a new romance. But when secrets erode her short-lived joy, Grace’s vulnerable side turns violent.

This movie really make’s you think. How this man worked his charm on this poor, innocent woman is just WOW. How anyone can be like this is just so wrong, what is wrong with people today? 
The Actors are all awesome; it is refreshing to see Phylicia Rashad in a different light, but my only complaint is, it feels like a low budget film. Also, how do you kill someone with a baseball bat and he ends up living? I don’t get it!  
Overall nice movie. 7⭐ stars.
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September Shows.

I heard a little rumor (OK….. Maybe not A rumor) that certain shows are coming in September to Netflix and I can’t wait to see them…

The first three are coming September 1st.

1. Coneheads starring Dan Aykroyd, he is just the perfect alien to play this role. Coneheads is about aliens who are stuck on Earth trying to blend in, but they are just funny as heck and I haven’t seen this movie since the late 80s early 90s.

2. Magic Mike . There’s Something about a man dancing around a half naked, yes, please! I think this is exactly what I need during this COVID- 19 virus time.

3. The Muppets starring Jason Segel and Amy Adams from 2011. I’ve never seen this little ditty, but I really want to. I guess I just love the Muppets growing up. Why wouldn’t I want to see this movie?

4. Ratched coming on september 18th.
This is a new T.V.series that dives into the infamous nurse’s origins and how she became to be so cruel. Sarah Paulson played a great badass, as I remember in the American Horror Story series. I’m sure she will as well in this series too.

What are you itching to see this coming month?

Lost City Of Z Movie Review.

The Lost City Of Z Review

Plot by IMDb:
This is a true-life drama, centering on a British explorer Major Percival Fawcett, who disappeared while searching for a mysterious city in the Amazon in the 1920s

Charlie Hunnam did a fantastic job. It’s nice to see him in a different light then that of his bad boy biker status. His supporting Actors did a wonderful job. The scenes within this movie are beautiful, like something you’d see on a painting. The only negative I have with this is, it’s quite long. 2 hours and 20 mins long. They could’ve made this shorter. 

Overall, all I’m giving this a 9⭐rating.