Nobody 2021

Nobody 2021 Action /Thriller

Here is a man that worked for the CIA and is fantastic at what he does; trying to leave that all behind and live life as normal as possible as a family man. All goes well until one day his house gets burglarized and he loses his shit over his daughter bracelet that they took along with little cash.
I found this movie to be really entertaining. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen and I didn’t care what time it was. I found myself yelling at the screen and rooting for Hutch Mansell. Some parts were a bit funny, but I loved all the action this movie gives you.

Bob Odenkirk as Hutch Mansell played a superb role, I could see Liam Neeson playing this role, for obvious reasons. Christopher Lloyd as David Mansell, I had a hard time placing his face, all I could think was “this man has such a familiar face.” Now I know why, Back To The Future anyone, HAHA. It was so good to see him having a blast in this film, but everyone did a fantastic job playing their roles.

The music was one of my favorites and the cinematography was really good.

The Mister said it reminded him of Boondock Saints and Snatched. I can definitely see a Jon Wick type.

10 stars all the way…

Fear Street Part 1 – 1994

Fear Street: Part One – 1994 (July 2021)

A circle of teenage friends accidentally encounter the ancient evil responsible for a series of brutal murders that have plagued their town for over 300 years.

Not knowing what to expect with this movie, I gave it a go. It looked decent and was recommended by a friend how good this movie was.

At first it kind of reminded me of Scream. It was kind of cheesy to say the least, but the acting got better as you go along and yes, I was hooked. I couldn’t take my eyes off the screen. However, my spouse had a hard time said it wasn’t for him. Too much teen bull sh!t, lol.

I didn’t  care too much for Kate (Julia Rehwald), she just seemed like a b!tch not giving a care in the world type of attitude. But then again, maybe that’s how she was supposed to play it, In that case, point on.

Alot of the reviews I’ve read say the music was way over played, but I quite enjoyed it, ALOT. #NinetiesGirlAtHeart However, I did find it interesting that a bit of the songs played didn’t even get released until a year or two years later. 

Overall, it’s pretty good, take a look and see what you think of this trilogy and let me know your take on it.

If you like Stranger Things, Goosebumps or scream you will most likely get into this movie.

7 out of 10 stars for me.

Palace Beautiful.

Palace Beautiful book review.

By: Sarah Deford Williams

2 sisters move to Salt Lake City lake and then discover a hidden room in their house with a sign that reads “Palace Beautiful” and contains a secret journal. There they take turns reading from journal with their new neighbor friend, Bella. There they read about a young girl and what happened during the flu epidemic of 1918.

My thoughts:

I had a really hard time getting into this book, I should have DNF (did not finish) it, but I didn’t and pushed through. It is a book for young readers, roughly about 12 years of age.

It’s a lovely story with mystery, making friends, death of a family member and remarrying and some sibling conflict as well. Obviously, I could not connect with any character, but I enjoyed the journal entries about the influenza they had to go through. Kind of like how we are dealing with our current virus now, I suppose. I also enjoyed how the girls got to meet Helen, the lady they had been reading about in the journal.

3 out of 5 stars

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Ferenheit 451 Book Review

Ferenheit 451 – Author Ray Bradbury

The book is about a future dystopia world where books are illegal to have.

The narrator, Kenneth Bardelli, was good, but not good in the same sense. I loved how he read the different characters with different voices, but sometimes he would mess up the verbiage. However, he never let that get to him and he pushed right on through.

A friend of mine had recommended that I read this book thinking I will really enjoy reading this. Lo-and-behold I actually do like the book very much. I chose to listen to it on YouTube.

The main Character Guy Montag is a firefighter who has everything going for him until one day he meets a young lady who changes his view on everything. He is supposed to burn all the books. However  he does have a change of heart and switches his mind about books, knowing the people of the United States of America are the ones who put the rule into play, not the government.

It was a very good book to read or rather, in my case, listen to. I can understand why some would call this a classic. I would reread it myself in years to come and see how I feel about then.

If you’re are worried about the language, it has damn and God damn it in the book, other than that it’s a good read for a young child of 10 and up.

I gave it a 5 star rating.

Panic T.V. Series Review

My husband was the one that got me watching the show because of his friend, which you would never think to watch something like this. A teen drama type show. Lo and behold I actually like this t.v. series more than my husband and so did my 16yr old boy likes it as well, to my surprise. 

The show is about high-school seniors in a small town in Texas playing a game that could leave you dead or with a pot of money with 50,000 if you win. However, you do have to face your  darkest fears and be forced to decide how much you are willing to risk in order to win. This is their chance to escape this small town and make their lives better. Needless to say, I was hooked.

There is so much that happens within this 10 episode series, you can’t help but wonder what will happen next. Suspense, drama, mystery, conflict, danger and even love are all apart of this series. I happened to finish this series in A two day spand and I can’t wait for the next season to arrive.

Check it out!