Friday Favorites

Today is friday, yippee! I love fridays! Here are a few of my favorite pictures.

This is back in April for my mothers birthday, she really loved it. #teaparty

On Mothers day we went to a local coffee shop, enjoyed each other’s company and had some really good food and #coffee

My little man (not so little anymore) and I went hiking, we always have a good time..

Who doesn’t love a 50s sock hop? Oh my gosh this was such a blast!!

What are some of your #favorites?


Thirsty Thursday

When drama comes at you full force, keep pushing and get those water #goals!

Always challenge yourself on your water intake 💦💙🏃‍♀️🏋️‍♀️🤸‍♀️💪

What’s your water goal?


What’s Important In Life?!…

It’s being kind to others and correcting mistakes.

It’s KNOWING others know more than you do about many topics. (None of us are experts.)

It’s taking time to give thanks to your God for all things on your mind!

It’s complimenting DAILY!
It’s realizing the more we compliment, the better we feel about ourselves.

It’s realizing you have as much and more potential than anyone else.

It’s accepting that successful people paid the price long before “success” is seen.

It’s reminding those who fill your heart that you love them and WHY!

Being in a positive state causes the universe to bring blessings.

We all slip, make mistakes, need breaks, etc…but keeping foundational practices a part of our daily lives will always be the last things we think about as our life nears the end of the road.

Today, tomorrow, and moving forward…be the person you KNOW you can be and improve upon.

I’m about to improve myself.

You All Are Appreciated.


Paul Gravette

#kindness #blessings

Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was a fun one, my dad and I went to a nursery and bought some plants. I got a couple butterfly bushes some pink polka dot plants a ground cover for my garden,

my dad, bless him, bought me 2 lavender plants. I love lavender, for mothers day. eeekkk! 😁 That was Saturday, also in that same day I went shopping with my daughter because she got a new job, sooo, she needed some clothes for that, I just like clothes shopping ,yay!

Sunday for mother’s day, momma, myself and my daughter all went to a brunch at a local coffee shop called Vibes.

I had a lavender (did I mention I love lavender) vanilla latte with a green delicious bowel of goodness , although it wasn’t green, Oh well, it still tasted yummy. I love healthy goodness!

I was also able to catch a movie called Wine Country on Netflix, so so good, y’all!

#movies #garden #coffee #brunch #momma