Cola Weizen Beir

A cola Weizen is a German beer (wheat) and Coca-Cola. Now, you cannot use any German beer. We (my hubby and I) have found that it only works with a #Hefeweizen bier, more specifically we use #Erdinger #bier.

We use a tall beer glass, and believe it or not it does make a difference, (having a short glass versus a tall glass) then we pour in the beer tilting it and then we fill the rest up with Coca-Cola.

I don’t drink beer normally but this is the first #beer that I can actually drink and then to add Coca-Cola to make it sweeter is just fantastic.

There’s just something about a German beer that you can drink, it’s so good. I cannot Rave about this beer enough!

I don’t think you necessarily need to drink this beer only during the summer time. To me you can drink it during the winter, spring, fall, or summer. I absolutely love this drink! It is one of my go to drinks when I’m feeling a little fancy. LoL!

Have you tried a cola Weizen?


I went to #Bojangles tonight and picked up a Cajun filet sandwich and seasoned fries for dinner.

Their website says the sandwich is beautifully breaded with Crispy lettuce, juicy tomato and creamy Mayo that is perfectly seasoned all on a buttered bun.

I’m not a big fan of spicy at all, so I was really looking forward to the ‘Cajun’ part of the sandwich. Much to my surprise it was not spicy at all. However, the meat was moist and juicy. Overall I did love this sandwich even though to me there was no #Cajun in it whatsoever.

As far as the seasoned fries go these are the best fries I have ever had. In my opinion these fries tasted more Cajun than the actual sandwich did.

International women’s day.

Here just a couple ways that you can celebrate International women’s day. #IWD

1. Go on a March.

2. Hold a fundraiser.

3. Make a special dinner for that special woman in your life.

4. Do a self reflection and involve your children. Have them make a self portrait and have them ask questions such as, who is your favorite hero? Who / what do you want to be? Etc.

5. You can even bake cookies for that special lady/woman in your life.

Make all of this a new tradition every year.

How are you celebrating International women’s day?

Energy Pick Up!

I am sure everyone has their own favorite energy drink out there, mine is the #SPARK By Adocare. I cannot live with out this little #energy packet! To me it is simply the best out there and to boot it has all kinds of vitamins and minerals and #NOSUGAR.

say whhaaatt!

Have y’all heard of spark? If so what’s your #favorite flavor? Mine is fruit punch. Hands down. However, Blue Raspberry isn’t bad either.

Such a great pick me up..