Prayer to the Mother

Mother Goddess we ask you to please teach us tolerance, patience and peace. Help us to steer clear of drama and help us resist the urge to create it. Teach us to stay calm and to just breathe, to feel the sunshine, the wind, or the rain on our face and let it remind us of your ever present love.

Blessed Be!

Bad Habits

Bad habits are always interfering in our lives and they also prevent you from achieving your #goals.

They threaten your #health, mental state and also physically.

They waste your time and strength/power.

How do we get rid of bad habits? By replacing them with good or new #habits.

All your habits whether they’re good or bad serve as a target or a benefit to you.

Replace one bad habit with something more positive or that’s empowering to you.

What bad habits are you replacing?

Love Yourself!

The Love you are, is the love you receive.

Everyone wants to be loved. We seem to know that love heals, love inspires, love picks you up, puts a smile on your face, and elongates your spine. We search for love, we wait for it, some of us will do almost everything to get #love. We give up on love, reaching and grouping for the security we believe love will provide us.

Do you love yourself? Are you in harmony with yourself? Do you treat yourself with respect? Are you generous, kind and supportive of yourself?

Do you trust yourself and treat yourself as though you can be trusted? Do you accept your weaknesses and celebrate your successes? Do you radiate love, or are you just looking to find love and get love?

Until you love who you are, not just say it, but do it, and believe it- you will never find the love you are or the love you believe someone else has to give you.

By: Ivanya Vanzant

Goddess Tyche

Because of my love for Aphrodite, I’ve been researching anything and everything on her. I thought it was (dare I say) odd to see Tyche as the daughter of #Aphrodite.

So, here is a bit of information on her:
Tyche was the Goddess of fortune and prosperity of a city in Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Aphrodite and either Zeus or Hermes, although some sources referred to her as an Oceanid, a daughter of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys, She was often depicted in statues wearing a mural crown, which is a crown having the shapes of city walls. She was linked to Nemesis, Goddess of retribution, and Agathos Daimon (the good spirit). Tyche appeared on many coins of the Hellenistic period (after the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC.


At last it is Imbolc once again! This is the time that we honor the great #Goddess Bridgid, Goddess of the hearth, it’s also a time for new beginnings and purification.

#Imbolc is also called #Candlemas it is the time when we celebrate the renewing fertility of the Earth. The Goddess is seen as recovering from child birth and the God is seen as a small child.

The feeling of #Spring is in the air!

Some activities or crafts you can do for this day are:

Make a corn/straw doll in honor of the Goddess

Make Bridgits cross to protect your home and all whom dwell within

Light a fire wether it’s a small candle to a big bonfire

Spring cleaning physically and spiritually

Visit a stream,creek or pond and give thanks to Bridgid

Pour milk over your home entrance way

You could also write a simple prayer/poem or even draw a simple picture in honor of the Goddess to offer in #ritual

Have a blessed Imbolc everyone!