Tuesday Transformation

From the time I started this journey, in Sept, I went up two pounds BUT i lost eight inches, and my double chin has gone down too, yippee!

So excited I just can’t hide it!

I’ll take that any day.. You bet!! I’ve kept to my crossfit style workouts and reaching for 10K in steps when not working out and I know that is a huge contributor to the inches lost at least.

I absolutely love this new gym of mine, everyone is so motivating, nice and encouraging. I think I’ll stay (insert cheesy smile).

As for food I haven’t been completely honest with the low carb food intake. I have indulged on the weekends and because this is Halloween season, yes I’ve had some candies here’s and there’s and parties that we went to so yes I had a couple of drinks as well, but this is life isn’t it? We all make mistakes that is just a part of life. We have to acknowledge it and move on the next day. Get back on that horse and go forth.
#KeepMovingForward #NotMakingExcuses #IamProudOfMyProgress

As for blogging once a week about this journey I’m on, well, I’m having a problem staying on track, maybe because blogging is so new to me. I suppose I can blog this on a monthly basis and hope for new and exciting results..

Until next time stay healthy.

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